How To Settle A Car Accident Claim Without A Lawyer

Many times after an accident, people want to know whether or not they can settle their car accident case on their own without a lawyer and in some instances that can be done and it can be done successfully. In order to claim this settlement, you may be thinking of hiring a personal injury attorney, but that can be quite expensive. This because the personal injury lawyer would usually take 33% of the settlement and this can lead to you taking a loss on your post-accident outlay. In this article, we would talk about how you can get a fair settlement without the services of a personal injury lawyer.

When to Consider Self-Representation

An example of one of those instances is if following an accident, your injuries that you suffered from the accident were minimal such that after a few visits to the doctor or maybe after some time off, the injuries ultimately went away. A situation like that can be resolved by you directly negotiating with the insurance adjuster. You’ll submit to the insurance adjuster information about your medical expenses, your loss of earnings, maybe the time of your pain and suffering things of that nature. And then you will submit a request to them for payment of some form of money. They will probably try to negotiate an amount lower than what you have demanded. And ultimately, if you work with that insurance adjuster, you come to a reasonable resolution that can be obtained from you and the insurance company and you do not need an attorney in this case.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

But if your injuries are much more serious such that you have had debilitating injuries or lifelong injuries or things that have resulted in significant medical treatment or you anticipate significant medical treatment for your injuries, you definitely need to have a personal injury lawyer handling your case.

Benefits of Having a Personal Injury Lawyer to Settle a Car Accident Claim

  • The attorney can match the experience of the insurance adjuster and help negotiate a fair and reasonable resolution for you. That attorney can give you proper advice as to what is a fair and reasonable resolution. If you try to negotiate with the insurance company on your own and you have never done this before, you are at a significant disadvantage in a major injury case.
  • Also, a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer can help to get reductions from any medical providers or health insurance Company as regards what is to be paid to them out of the settlement you obtain from the insurance company.

So if you have been hurt in an accident, evaluate your injuries, are they minor and can you resolve the matter on your own? Are the injuries more significant and do you need help from an expert who really understands the personal injury process? In situations like that, you can make a decision whether you can settle the car accident claim yourself without the help of a personal injury attorney or you would be requiring one to assist you.

Auto Accident Injury Claims: Settle or Go to Court?

When you have hired a personal injury lawyer, you might have the option to settle or to go to court. There are many things that you should make sure about, in order to know which option is going to be best for you. If this is the first time that you need to make such a decision, then you should look at this information. This might be making the decision easier for you.

Going to court doesn’t give you a guarantee that you are going to succeed

Something that you need to know and consider is that when you decide to go to court with your car accident attorney, this isn’t a guarantee that you are going to win the case. This only means that the case is going to court and someone else is going to decide if you have a case or not.

If you settle out of court, you will basically win the case, and you will be compensated. It might not be the amount that you hoped for, but you will know for sure that there is something that you are going to get out from the accident.

This can become a long and expensive thing to do

This type of court cases can become long and expensive. For each day that you are in court, you need to pay your car accident attorney a bunch of money. Money that you could have used in a different way. Especially if you are losing the court case. More details here:

The longer the case is in court, the more money you are going to spend on your lawyer. And, if you lose the case, you need to pay all that money out of your pocket. Something that might not be worth risking.

Can go on with your life a lot faster

The accident, the injuries, personal injury lawyers and the court case. Things that can keep reminding you about the accident and the things you rather want to forget. For many, it might be worth it if they are winning the court case at the end of the day.

However, if you settle out of court, things can go back to normal and you can actually start going on with your life. And, start forgetting about the accident and the trauma that goes with it. Many people struggling to cope with a serious accident, and if you have a long court case, the trauma is just going to be prolonged. Something that you might want to avoid at all costs.

Should you consider settling or should you go to court after you sustained serious injury after an accident that wasn’t your fault? Many people will say go to court and get the maximum compensation that you can. However, there isn’t any guarantee that the court case will be in your favor. Meaning that you might lose the court case and spend a lot of money in paying legal fees. You should rather talk to your personal injury lawyer and make sure that you consider settling out of court

When an Attorney Can Help In a Car Accident Case

When should you hire a car accident attorney? That’s the million dollar question and certainly one which is getting many talking. However, do you know when to hire someone? For most, they are tempted to take care of things themselves and it’s easy to see why. Do you want to run the risk of running up lawyer bills when you might not win? Well, in all honesty, most injury attorneys will not take a fee until they’ve won the case which is why most will only take on cases they truly believe they can win. Want to know more about when you should hire an attorney after a car accident, read on to find out more.

Talk To an Attorney As Soon As the Accident Occurs

Let’s be honest, there is a fine limit as to how long you can make a claim for a car accident and you have to get on it as soon as you possibly can. Now, when people say as soon as the accident occurs, it really means as soon as you are able to place a call to the attorney. Let’s say you were hurt on a Sunday night, it doesn’t mean you have to call an auto accident lawyer on that day but rather the next or the following. Certainly within the same week you should speak to someone. They will be able to listen to the facts of the case and tell you whether or not they believe it’s a case they can win.

Dealing With Tracking down Witnesses and Potential New Evidence

If you are using the services of a personal injury attorney you can also find they are able to do the majority of the work involved in a law suit. They have the ability to get investigators or use their services to look for potential witnesses to the accident to help establish fault as well as new evidence to support your car accident case. These things will matter no matter whether you want damages for your vehicle or medical bills covered as well. Being able to track down witnesses and evidence can help build and establish your case. This is just one thing lawyers and attorneys can do.

Representing You in Court or Negotiating a Settlement on Your Behalf

It doesn’t always come to the courtroom when it comes to minor road collisions but that doesn’t mean to say a lawyer can’t still help you in these matters. Lawyers and auto accident attorneys have the ability to represent you in a court case or to even negotiate for a settlement. A car accident attorney can offer legal advice and what they think is best to proceed with the case also. That’s why attorneys should be consulted at the best of times.

Get Help with a Personal Injury Attorney

It’s not always minor injuries you have to worry about when there is a road traffic accident and when it is bad you need a lot of help. However, when you are recovering in hospital or at home you can’t exactly deal with a lawsuit and need someone to help. With the help of an auto accident lawyer you can get the help and support you need and good representation also.

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